The Law of Conscious Action

The Law of Conscious Action or law of attraction action is the basic premise that you cannot want to be without action. It could also be called the law of attraction action.

In applying conscious action, you know that to be a wonderful pianist requires practice. To be a great public speaker will take practice and experience.

Even though great pianist are unconsciously competent, they still practice. Great surgeons will practice a surgery in their mind, even if they have done it hundreds of times before.

Great public speakers practice their speech before they give it. Unlike the pianist, they need to use caution to not over practice.

In every type of practice, we can do it mindlessly. Or we can practice consciously. By doing the practice consciously, we tap into our mind and the power of the law and using conscious action.

With rare exception, anything we want in life requires effort. On the average, to become an expert in any field or endeavor will take about 10 years. Using the law of attraction action can speed up that time curve.

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Use this law to improve your public speaking, start being conscious of what you are doing. Even if you have unconscious competence, start being aware of what you are doing and speaking.

Then, when you want to make changes in your life or speaking skills, you can focus your conscious thoughts on the improvement and have the power of conscious action work for you.

Can you think of actions that you do almost unconsciously? Would you like to change in yourself? Start tapping into the law of conscious action.

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