The Law of Delicate Harmony

The law of delicate harmony is one of the facets of the law of attraction.

Harmony is defined as the formation of a pleasing and congruent whole from various parts. Additionally it is defined as agreement or concord.

Delicate harmony is therefore the fragile inception of a pleasing and congruent reality. It is sensitive to all other laws. It is the result of a fine balance of all the parts that make a whole.

The Law of Synchronization

    Basically this is that you are in synchronization with and in harmony with everything in the universe, you will share in the wealth of the universe. By aligning yourself, it is possible to provide for your needs but not for your greed. It is basically the same as the delicate harmony law.

Harmony and Reasonableness

    Attaining delicate harmony requires your deep and abiding sense of gratitude and contentment for what you already have and reasonableness in your requests and what you expect.

    Reasonableness, how so? If you want to be a great singer but do not have a great singing voice, it is unlikely you will ever attain one. Unlikely but not impossible. If you do not limit yourself and your desire is to move people, then as a public speaker, you may be able to use your voice for a reality that is within reason.

    What you want, the use of your voice, is possible in one of various ways. Reasonableness is one of the aspects of harmony.

Harmony and Competence

    Have you ever had the sense that something was wrong but could not put your finger on it? Have you been right?

    This too is the law of delicate harmony and you are unconsciously allow it to affect your life. We have the ability to unconsciously know when things are not in a state of harmony. To explain it, consider the four stages of competence. The four stages of competence or conscious competence relates to the psychological states we manifest skills. This comes from Abraham Maslow if you remember the Human Needs pyramid.

They are...

    You don’t know that you don’t know something: Unconscious incompetence.

    You know that you do not know something: Conscious incompetence.

    You know but have to think about something: Conscious competence.

    You unconsciously know something and it comes to you naturally: Unconscious competence.

    When attaining the fourth state of unconscious competence and sometimes in earlier states, you will have the ability to know something is wrong with out knowing what it is.

The Fifth Time is a Charm: A True Story

    As a hospital nurse, I knew something was wrong with my patient. I informed the doctor doing morning rounds. He looked at the patient and the documented information on the patient. He found nothing wrong.

    Then during grand rounds, I informed the 5 doctors that something was wrong but could not say what. They too looked but could not find anything wrong.

    This particular day I was working a double and thankfully so. I spoke to two more doctors during the day and the start of the evening shift. The same results, each found nothing wrong with the patient.

    Then the one doctor who I felt just did not like me came in. Looking back, with an understanding of the law of attraction, perhaps this feeling of dislike was brought on by myself. None the less, approaching her, and explaining that four other sets of doctors disagreed with me but I was certain that something was wrong, she too took a look.

    I knew something was wrong because of the Law of Delicate Harmony. Now, it was time to use the law in another way. Since I was seldom wrong with my gut feelings, this doctor listened to me, perhaps herself unconsciously using the law of delicate harmony. Only thing, my passionate concern about the patient was a disruption of the harmony that was the norm.

    She ordered a test that nobody else did. Sure enough, within minutes the critical results were back and I was given the orders to transfer the patient to the ICU where she fully recovered.

    This ability to appreciate the Law of Delicate Harmony can be so fine tuned that some nurses, such as those working in hospice, can tell when a patient is going to die. This is nothing clairvoyant. This is nothing prophetic. It is the ability to tell when a patient is no longer in the state of homeostasis and the fragile law, the law of delicate harmony within the life of the patient is no longer in harmony. It has been disrupted by the beginning of the dying process.

    For me, I can usually tell when the dying process is starting within three days, only being wrong twice out of over 100 patients. One such patient this was notable even though I had just entered the room. A relative was there with the patient. Upon looking at the patient who was seemingly resting quietly and peacefully, in reality was dying. Taking her in my arms and encouraging the niece to hold the patients hand, she passed in the next four minutes.

    Why can I tell this? It is the harmony of life that I am in tune with. Each of us is in tune with something. Each of us have our own abilities when it comes to the law of harmony. Start to notice the law of harmony in your life.

A Cook Book Editor

    Norene, the author and owner of Gourmania, a cook book website will tell you that she does not know how she knows but she can read a recipe book she is editing and just know if it will be a good book or not.

    What is happening is a matter of Law of Delicate Harmony. She unconsciously knows the harmony that is required of a cook book to be marketable. Then when sitting down with the editing pen in hand, she can consciously show why there is a lack of delicate harmony.

    Could you or I do the same. No, because we are not cook book writers or cook book experts. We are not consciously competent in knowledge of cook books. If you use a cook book however, you may be unconsciously competent to some extent.

The Law of Delicate Harmony and Public Speaking

    You will sooner or later appreciate the law of harmony both when you prepare your speech and when you give it.

    The best way to start to understand the law is to think about when ever you are in a state of flow. This mostly applies to those who are experts. Think of the time when you were in flow or when you are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus on a job to be done.

    If you have become an expert, as you are working, your mind naturally picks up on and helps you attain the delicate harmony. You may not even know why you know what you know or your unconscious competence.

    So to, when giving a talk. When you become fully immersed in the energized focus and full involvement of sharing the information, you will unconsciously be drawn toward creating harmony in what you say and how you present it.

    Once you learn the and understand how a law of delicate harmony governs, then you will be able to tap into its power.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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