Tooth Whitening and Your Public Speaking Career?

Your teeth are part of how you present as a public speaker. Tooth whitening is a way to make your best appearance.

Although it is a personal decision everyone will have to decide for them selves, consider this.

Salesmen and women in general all know how new clothes can boost your self esteem. When I was in carpet sales, if my numbers were ever slowing down, it was off to get a new pair of slacks and a shirt.

The result with out fail, a sale the next day. Once I even went out and bought the clothes before going to work, changed in the back of the store and yep, I made a sale that day.

h3>It Just Works

    People in sales will tell you it just works.

    The problem, the clothes are only new for a few days. Your teeth you wear every day and you will have them with you for the rest of your life hopefully.

    The bottom line, they are a confidence booster, a looks enhancer and most importantly, they are essential to your speaking. They are part of your public speaking equipment.

    If your in the public speaking industry you want them looking their best.

1000 Shades of Tooth Whitening

    Of course the question is, what is the best tooth whitening system on the market today. That depends in part on what you want or are willing to pay or do to have whiter teeth.

    It is estimated that the human eye can distinguish 1000 shades of white. Normal tooth coloring can vary.

    Generally speaking, the whiter they look the better they look.

    Let us know what you do and what works best for you. Share and let others know. Please leave your thoughts and feedback. If you have found a great tooth whitening system, let us know.

    We look forward to hearing your results.

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