Web Communication: More Than Words

Web communication has taken both the use of words and pictures to a new place both in our mind and in our hearts (as in the seat of motivation).

Unlike traditional writing or photograpy such as National Geographic, the web has created a new way of presenting and using both.

Web Writing

    Rules for writing have been transformed for web writing.

    One sentence paragraphs are acceptable. Few paragraphs should be longer than three sentences. No sentence should have more than 15 words.

    This is because we tend to scan read on the web. White space makes it easier to read. Shorter sentences likewise make it easier to scan the information.

    Ideally, the information is also inverted. The point or conclusion is often at the top of the work. Then the relevant or supporting arguments are provided after.

Pinterest Effect

    You may have noticed some sites have mostly pictures.

    Pinterest has changed the way we get information to a picture based grouping of information.

    You may have heard the joke about someone asking if you have read a certain magazine. You say no but you did enjoy the pictures.

    This has taken pictures and created them into a new way to promote content.

    Some sites have increased traffic by as much as 1000 percent or more simply changing to this kind of information presentation.

    See My Pinterest

Audio Video

Not to be left out are audio and video presentations. YouTube has made more and more people producers and created an even greater sharing of knowledge.

What does the future hold? Lets go there together and find out.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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