What is Communication?

What is communication? Defined as ...a process by which information is exchanged..., communication is an essential and basic skill of life.

The Definition of Communication

You can use verbal communication (speaking and singing) or nonverbal communication (a look, gesture or body movement) to speak to others.

Effective use of this skill is as essential as the lubricant in a transmission, keeping the friction down and making smooth running and long life possible.

Effective Public Speaking: What is it? How is it attained?

Communication makes possible all relationships, friendships, workmates and family closeness. What is communication? How is it mastered? How can it be developed and maintained.

We will be working on the answer to the question...What is communication?

Please Note The... Men are from the Moon and Women are from Wherever theories do not apply to everyone. Science has found that there is hard wiring that is unique to male and female brains when it comes to communication styles. Much of what you may read can be biased or anecdotal and not based on scientific studies.

The purpose of this section is to offer ways to better understand and master the use of communication skills. This is an essential aspect of public speaking speechmastery.

The Definition of Public Speaking

What is Communication Between the Sexes?

Types of Nonverbal Communication What are they?

Techniques for Effective Public Speaking How can they be applied?

Emotional Content Fail: Another Communication Barrier Click to learn more.

Assertive Communication: Learn How to Use It

Gender Differences in Communication Male vs. Female communication

Nonverbal Communication

What is Nonverbal Communication

Types of nonverbal communication

Facial Expression Communication

Nonverbal Facial Expressions Communication

Body language in communication

nonverbal communication characteristics

Nonverbal Communication

Non-Verbal Communication In Business

Nonverbal Communication in Business 1 of 5

Types of Nonverbal Communication in Business 2 of 5

Nonverbal Communication in Business 3 of 5

Understanding Nonverbal Communication in Business 4 of 5

Your Nonverbal Communication in Business 5 of 5

Dominate Nonverbal Communication in Business 6 of 5

Business and Professional Communication

Effective Nursing Health Care Communication

Communication In Nursing

Effective workplace communication

Small Group Communication

Effective Lateral Communication

Assertive Communication

Theories of Communication

Types of Communication Tips on How to Improve Them.

Verbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication

Visual Communication

Computer Communication and Why You Need to Know.

Different Types of Communication

Definition of Communication

Communication facts
Communication and ethics

What is Lateral or Horizontal Communication?

How can it be improved? Learn more here.

Effective Small Group Communication

communication in business

communication in marketing

Odds and Ends

The Importance of Communication Skills

Importance of communication

Small group communication

Communication Stoppers

Barriers to effective communication

Communication barrier

Barriers to Communication The general list?

Barriers to Effective Communication

Communication and Relationship

Conflict Resolution Communication Home / Office

Communication problems in relationships

Marriage communication

Importance of Family Communication How will you benefit?

Communication in Relationships

Communication Problems in Relationships

Improving Communication Skills

Improving communication skills
Communication exercises
Techniques for effective communication

Communication and Health Complications

Autism and communication
Alzheimers communication

Of course Communication includes public speaking.

Public Speaking: Communicating in Public

Principles of Public Speaking

Presenting Yourself

Three Pillars of Public Speaking

Why Is Public Speaking Important?

Importance of Public Speaking Review What do other sites say?

What are the Types of Public Speaking?

The Benefits of Public Speaking looks at the social, cultural and personal benefit of learning and mastering the art of verbal communication in public.

The Benefits of Taking Public Speaking looks at the benefit of learning and mastering the art of verbal communication in a classroom setting.

Learn a Foreign Language

Nothing will enhance your ability to please an audience like being able to say a few sentences in their language. It is not that difficult if you choose to apply yourself. To the majority of the world, English is a foreign language.

If you are a native to English, remember that so many others have taken the time to learn your language. Why not honor our neighbors and learn a few words in their language.

Learn English

Help to Learn English

Other Concerns

There are some aspects of speech that will cause anguish to those facing the challenge.

Eliminate Your Accent Personally I do not think accents are the problem. It is usually something else. Learn more here.

Help to Eliminate Your Accent

These are just a few of the various topics related to our gift of speech.

Other aspects...

  • speech
  • speech theory
  • importance of speech
  • types of...
  • improving our...
  • voice improvement
  • care of our voice

Remember, the ability to verbally communicate is a gift. Use it wisely and you can benefit yourself and others. Use it poorly and you will cause hurt and damage. May you use it wisely.

Please return for more about these topics. If you see something that needs correction, should be improved or included on this site, please let us know. Go to the contact page and drop us a note.

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