Why Is Public Speaking Important?

The answer to...Why is public speaking important?... comes down to understanding the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

Public speaking is not just standing on a podium behind a lectern and speaking into a microphone to an audience. Public speaking includes speaking at meetings, with potential clients, colleagues, and customers. It could include speaking on the telephone and podcasting on the internet.

It means being able to express your thoughts in front of a camera if the 10 'clock News shows up. Even better (or worse) depending on your skills, if 60 Minutes shows up, being a skilled public speaker will enable you to seize the moment. Much to their credit, 60 Minutes does not do ambush style journalism any more which means it can be an incredible opportunity if you are prepared.

Public Speaking: a Single Act, a Double Benefit

The benefits of public speaking can be divided into two groups.

The benefits to the listening audience and the benefits to the speaker.

Why Is Public Speaking Important to the Listening Audienceā€¦

The growth and development of society is dependent on public speaking. People expounding their thoughts, feelings, emotions, ideas, desires, goals and persuasions are how we as a society progress. This presumes that the speaking is something people would want to listen to. So, to a greater or lesser degree, speaking skills are involved.

Why Is Public Speaking Important as a Skill to Learnā€¦

Everyone is a public speaker. Any time we speak in public, we are public speakers. When is the last time you heard of a private speaker.

Mastery of public speaking will empower numerous other skills, abilities and personal enhancements will be the result.

What are some specific examples of these?

If you learn and master public speaking, you will be ahead of the competition. Anyone who has mastered public speaking speaker skills will prosper. It will set them apart from others in the same field. If your job hunting (which most people will several times in their life time), you will be a better candidate for prospective employers.

Oral communication is one of the most important business and life skills we can have.

Consider some ways speaking skills can benefit you. You want to communicate an important concept to your colleagues. How will you if you can not communicate. You want to help prevent an economic disaster with business partners. Emotional pleadings will not always work. Sometimes it takes great communication skills. If you cannot communicate well, your ability to effectively do your job will be limited.

Why is Public Speaking Important at Home

The same skills learned to speak in public will carry over into your home life.

At home, communication skills can help with the challenges unique to family life. Effectively communicating, which includes listening, will help prevent many problems that plague modern families.

Why is Public Speaking Important for Health?

There is considerable scientific research that points to social skills as promoting long life. Public speaking skills will help your social skills. The result is not only a better life, but potentially a longer life.

As you progress in your public speaking skills, your comfort level will increase with other people. This comfort will improve friendships and the number of friendships.

There are emotional health benefits as well.

Public speaking helps increase self confidence. This will translate into confidence that can help you through other challenges in your life.

Why is Public Speaking Important for Motivation and Persuasion?

Throughout life we will have to motivate and persuade. Learning mastery of public speaking will help you to better persuade. It will help you to learn how to improve your ability to motivate. These skills will help you to make a good impression on others.

Improving cooperation, understanding, setting goals and objectives are all the benefits of mastering this skill.

Why is Public Speaking Important for Giving Back?

So much of life is taking. Some people want to give back. People want to help others. Public speaking allows you to give and share. Life stories, experiences and anecdotes that can help others cope and survive the challenges they face. Public speaking makes it possible to learn. Public speaking facilitates communication of ideas that will produce even more ideas.

Effective Public Speakers Make Effective Leaders

To be an effective leader requires the ability to communicate and inspire. Public speaking skills are a big part of being able to communicate effectively.

If you want to understand why public speaking is important, then you will need to understand the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

The answer, according to the super computer named Deep Thought is 42. (from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy)

Speak well and prosper.

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Lets Connect View Jonathan Steele RN Holistic Nurse's profile on LinkedIn
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